What is board portal software?

The board of directors and management needs to have secure access to all internal information at all times. To be able to work together quickly and successfully today, board portals are required.

Board portals for flexible corporate governance

A board portal is a software for secure digital communication between members of a management body, including the company secretariat. Board portals usually have messaging functions, voting tools, meeting and agenda functions, and other tools that ensure the most seamless communication possible. The right meeting management software for your company can simplify communication and increase the efficiency of your board of directors.

A board portal is a digital meeting room in which meeting documents can be exchanged quickly, efficiently, and electronically with the greatest possible data security. Resolutions can also be passed. Documents can be commented on and exchanged with other committee members – all in almost real-time. Board portals greatly simplify the day-to-day work of the secretariats. Meetings are recorded, agenda items are inserted using drag & drop, related documents are uploaded and made available to the Board of Directors or supervisory board. Thus, the processes related to meeting and document management are simplified across the board, and the work of the committee members is made more effective and time-saving. The meeting participants can prepare for the next meeting at any place and at any time.

What are the functions of board portals?

Board management software performs the following functions:

  • Safe and secure session management

The board software is your secure data center for committee work and sensitive meeting documents. It is used worldwide by supervisory boards, executive boards, advisory boards, management, human resources, and legal departments. In the board portal, for example, you can link meeting agenda items with the associated documents and make them available to meeting participants via protected access. This allows you to bundle all relevant information in one secure digital location. In addition, the board portal offers assistants in particular the opportunity to set appointments collaboratively and to send invitations to meetings.

  • Central contact point for control documents and guidelines

With a board portal, you can build a comprehensive, modern compliance structure. Store additional company documents, instructions, guidelines, and reports and organize them according to a clear system. This not only makes the work of the respective committees and teams easier but also optimizes all audit and review processes.

  • Fast session logging with e-signing

With a board portal, your meeting minutes are available quickly and securely thanks to a digital signature process. All meeting members receive a notification as soon as the minutes are stored in the system. After the check, those responsible confirm the meeting notes with an individually generated one-time password.

  • Safety

The software meets all the requirements of ISO 27001. Your data is encrypted and stored on servers in different locations. Using a detailed access management system, you can define which user has which access and intervention options in the board portal.

  • Optimally prepared – efficient meetings

Thanks to the board portal, all participants are always well prepared for the meeting. Via quick access to the latest information, the participants get an optimal overview at all times and can save notes directly in the documents in the tool. A board portal is available to you both as a web application and via an app. In the app, it is possible to view and edit all stored data offline.

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